Will your festival be offering WiFi this summer?

As the summer gets ever closer, it’s the season of beach visits, summer holidays, barbeques, road trips and also the ever growing music festivals across the world. Festival goers are out in force to enjoy the sunshine and also enjoy themselves at the event they’ve been counting down to for months with their favourite music artists.

Over the last decade, the music festival industry has grown immensely with worldwide music artists past and present all being booked to perform a number of different festivals as organisers compete to book the best line-ups for their audience. But with it being such a crowded market, the competition between festivals has now intensified with organisers always looking to be different in terms of what they can offer festival goers. But what would you as the organiser of a festival be looking to offer your customers and also what would make their experience that bit more memorable?

A high percentage of all festival goers attend with some form of smartphone in which they wish to capture the event in the form of pictures and videos then share them via social media platforms. Instead of letting your festival goers burn all of their mobile data, why not provide fast efficient and most importantly FREE WiFi which could act as a major selling point? All festival goers will want their friends and family to know about attending your event and what they are currently missing out on. You can take advantage of your audience by promoting next year’s event with ads via your WiFi connection, inviting people to share their photos via your social media platforms, offering prizes which will get great social media coverage.

Here at Rock Managed Services, we have worked with many festival organisers in order to provide reliable and efficient WiFi solutions allowing festival goers to enjoy a seamless and hassle-free connection to a WiFi network. With our Smart WiFi solutions, festival organisers have said that offering free WiFi connection has increased their festival popularity and also built a stronger social media base.