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WiFi Connectivity


Our SMART WIFI solution offers you one-stop user engagement, configuration, reporting and complete control for your WiFi network.

Multi-Site & Single Site Solutions

Have the ability to expand and add new sites to your network with our quick, easy and cost-effective solutions. With pay-as-you-grow licensing, this will facilitate entry into a fully featured WiFi management platform at an affordable price point. Now you can apply common settings to any network segment using SMart-WiFi’s unique device profiling feature.

Plus, manage multiple sites with individualised settings, WiFi session controls and have access to reporting

Centralised Control

Manage wireless networks from a web browser using the Smart WiFi Cloud Deck control panel. With 99.99% uptime, you can also receive on-the-go updates to your network from tablet or smartphone devices. Distributed globally with Amazon’s AWS cloud for low latency and high availability.

User Engagement

Use our quick and easy to use responsive web authentication portals with a variety of different customisable user-friendly features. Once created, portals can be applied to one or multiple hotspots where a connection is available allowing you to:

• Campaign management
• Capture data
• Integrate with social media

Management & Reporting

Our management and reporting systems make running your network simple and efficient. Advanced network management tied in with a simple reporting platform allow you to analyse your customer’s journey in greater detail.

Access Control

Have complete control of your WiFi network with a variety of different authentication methods to monitor users. Time, download and speed limits for each authentication method facilitate tiered WiFi access.

Smart WiFi - Locate

Track your current and potential customer’s journey through our location targeting feature which also comes with analytics. Deliver content via their location whilst optimising any space through analytics.

WiFi-as-a-service (WaaS)

Our subscription-based WiFi solution includes on-Premise WiFi network hardware with As-a-Service Agility. WaaS is developed to allow organisations to acquire what they want, where they want and when they want it.

We can offer you fantastic WiFi connectivity solutions. Speak to us today.