Reliable WiFi

The importance of reliable WiFi

As you will know hundreds of residents will check in to your hotel daily expecting to enjoy their stay, whether it’s for business or leisure purposes, and also have the ability to connect to the internet via a reliable WiFi connection. Let’s face it, who wants to stay in a hotel without solid connectivity to the internet? I know I certainly wouldn’t, as problems with hotel WiFi are common negatives on hotel reviews online.

Many surveys of Hotel residents highlight that in room WiFi is a vital component in their stay, with some even stating “Access to WiFi in my room is more important than the actual hotel location, parking facilities and complimentary breakfast”.

 Would it harm our hotel revenue?

Offering WiFi can only offer positives and you can really use your WiFi offering as an instant marketing tool for your hotel as well as fast access to the internet for your residents. Having no WiFi and forcing your residents to use their own data or slow, unreliable internet access will only have a negative impact on customer reviews of their stay.

  • Complaints – When customers come to review their stay at your premises, poor quality or no WiFi at all only attracts negativity
  • Loss of regular customers – Regular customers who are now in the digital age and even businesses who use your hotel for meetings and business conferences will look for speedy access to connect online. If this isn’t an option for them, who’s to say they won’t stay at your competitors next time around who offer super-fast broadband with a free WiFi offering

How our Smart WiFi solution can benefit your business

Our clever SMART WIFI solution offers much more than just a reliable WIFI connection, it also puts you in the driving seat for directly marketing to your residents. For example, as soon as customer X logs onto your WIFI network, you’ll be able to instantly push a promotion i.e. spa discount, restaurant voucher etc. By adding ‘push ads’ to your network, you can not only tailor which adverts people see but you allow your hotel to give your customers more choice whilst they stay with you, giving them more reasons to stay and spend.

Offering a free WiFi solution does a lot more than just connect people online, but it will also meet the expectations of your new customers. As a business you’ll be able to look at the analytics of your WiFi network and see how it is performing over a period of time.

Can SMART WIFI solution be installed at my Hotel?

Absolutely! Our WiFi solution can be tailored to your business needs as we have installed various WiFi solutions in hotels across the UK including major hotel chains such as IBIS. Our WiFi solution provides you with a cost effective, super-fast connectivity solution allowing your residents to go online effortlessly.

For more information on our reliable SMART WIFI solution, contact us here.