Keeping Festival Goers Connected

As we start the New Year, we know it is a busy time for event organisers who are currently putting plans in place to bring the best of live music to audiences in time for the summer season. With many festival organisers and production companies, there have already been discussions as to what elements of past events could be improve on for this summer.

Was there something you believe your event could improve on? Maybe it’s the artists booked, location, number of bar stands or even the lack of reliable connectivity? Another question you could ask yourself, “by offering free WiFi to my festival goers, can I make it pay for itself?”

With festival-goers attending various line ups across the UK looking to experience good food, drink and their favourite music artist live, they will want to share their experience with their friends and show them what they are missing out on through your festival WiFi network. 85% of festival goers in 2017 shared their experiences during the event via photos, videos and content posts on social media platforms meaning that’s more exposure for your brand to capitalise on.

Not only is offering festival WiFi a possibility, there is now an increase in customer expectations to be able to pay with debit and credit cards no matter their location. This means that event organisers now need continuous and secure connectivity. SMART CONNECT offers an array of services that ensure customers can spend as much as they want with you without the frustrations of ‘cash only’ kiosks and the potentially large loss of income for yourself.

What’s in it for you as an organiser?

• WiFi to cover all bases of your event
• Marketing opportunities
• Real-time analytics
• Brand exposure
• Festival promotions
• Enable sponsorship advertising
• Improved ROI

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