As you will already know…

The summer holidays are over, and the additional influx of busy high streets is on the downward wave before the up rise of winter festivities.

Why not get ahead of the game?

Most UK retailers still don’t have robust in-store Wi-Fi in place to provide a branded retail experience and generate additional revenue streams through targeted advertising and data collection…

With Our Smart WiFi products (SWaaS – Smart WiFi as a Service), not only can you gain and monitor data from visits in store and you’re website… you can even analyse customer data from transactions from new & existing customers – Beyond this, you can use your transactional data to get a far richer understanding of who your customers really are, rather than what they will actually want to tell you.

A great example is groceries. Customers will often claim to drink less, eat less red meat and buy more premium ranges. However, you are what you eat, and transactional data analysis will give you a far better segmentation of your customer base.

No more long queues

Improve your customer experience with a Wi-Fi network that enables your staff to use iPads or other tablets to look at real-time inventory, place orders and make mobile check outs to keep customers from those long, frustrating checkout lines.

Smart WiFi means Smart Shops!

Another great feature of having Smart WiFi is the ability to capture customer data through a secure network, which gives you the power to create innovative ways to offer personalised product information, marketing offers and specific services through their mobile phone. You can also adjust in-store signage to match consumer traffic patterns.

You can find out more by contacting us for a free survey to provide SWaaS pricing guidelines.