Smart WiFi is a cloud based WiFi Solution with Social Media, giving you valuable insights and customer engagement tools,
while providing their customers with WiFi Access. Our primary emphasise is public venues,  hotel groups , franchise operators and entertainment destinations. We bring analytics to the real world offering real time reporting, content filtering, Marketing tools and location analytics, The Google analytics for WiFi.

We connect people

Rock connects people to your business.

Connection can be done via social networks or an simple login form. Smart WiFi
can be served to people anywhere in the world, in their own language and is fast, user friendly and secure.

Pin-Point accuracy

Rock believe in using the best data source for retrieving location and device information at any given time. From GPS to WiFi to Bluetooth, there’s a whole lot of data available out there to be collected. Rock’s platform analyses all data points available in real time from any source to always provide you with the highest level of accuracy.

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