There’s no doubt about it, the Internet has transformed our lives – but what would it be without the right WiFi solution? After all, if tech doesn’t work properly in schools, colleges and universities, it could hinder, not help, the way students learn. It could also affect how teachers and tutors teach.
Of course, security is just one consideration when it comes to ensuring technology doesn’t just work seamlessly in education establishments, but benefits students on their academic journey.
Keeping Students Safe
It’s vital that schools, colleges and universities can confidently secure personally identifiable information (PII) to protect their students. To do this, they need to know where pupils’ data is, as well as ensure they can enable them to access the network securely and swiftly.

Now that almost every student carries a mobile phone, with some even owning laptops and/or tablets, too, it’s possible that, in schools, colleges and unis, at least, pupils could have up to three devices each.
With that in mind, more reliable BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) security options are required. This allows for seamless onboarding (when a device gains access to a network for the first time) and means teachers can rest easy knowing that data is always safe.

The Right Software

It’s a given that network connectivity is reliable, but is it equipped to handle multiple devices?

Thankfully, we have the software to help. Ensuring thousands of devices can onboard with ease, our solutions are designed to reduce risk and save time. After all, if each student has up to three devices, can a single IT department handle the onboarding associated with getting everyone connected to the system?

With our solutions, authentication is simple, too – and our easy on-boarding service means there are no technical or privacy concerns to consider. Helping safeguard students, it allows for simple tracking of their networking activities and can integrate smoothly with existing technology. What that means for students is they’ll be able to easily log-on to intranet systems to access, for example, project feedback and results.

Fast Coverage

Fast coverage is also key, allowing students to work wherever and whenever they want while on campus or at school. Our solutions offer the hardware needed to make this a reality, with teachers and tutors having the ability to monitor who’s using a device and when. It also protects students who may access a dangerous or non-suitable site.

Our robust wireless solutions at Rock MS have so far helped a wealth of schools, colleges and universities. Offering both pupils and teachers innovative methods of communication and learning, Wi-Fi can be utilised for interactive whiteboards and individual portable devices – and whether you’re a school or a sprawling university campus, we have a solution that will complement your educational needs.

The Right Solution is Crucial

With all kinds of solutions available – and our performance network engineers working consistently to build school, college and university networks which wok on tablets and smaller devices – every kind of educational institution can get on board.

Our solutions don’t just improve things like ICT infrastructure; they can put your school, college or university at the forefront of wireless technology in the educational sector.

Here’s how we can help:
• By providing equipment with built-in longevity and scalability, our solutions are cost-effective too
• Our custom-built Wi-Fi solutions consider everything from the size of your premises to its layout, as well as the devices required to connect to the network
• We’ll design and install a Wi-Fi network that guarantees coverage to a pre-defined signal level, meaning small devices like phones can benefit from a fast and reliable connection.

Getting Started with Smart Wi-Fi Solutions from Rock MS

Our experienced engineers will attend your school, college or university campus to perform a wireless survey. The aim? To identify potential sources of interference and venue obstacles which might hinder Wi-Fi coverage at your premises.

Once complete, the engineer will compile a report with their findings and the required works to provide strong coverage throughout.
Chat to us about fully monitored school W-Fi today and discover how it can improve the way you teach.