What makes a restaurant, bar or hotel stand out? Is it the food, the wine, the ambience? The chances are, it’s the little things that contribute to a venue being something to write home about (or rather, something to Instagram!).

From complimentary nibbles served with your drinks; a bottle of Prosecco on the house for a special occasion; or access to free and reliable WiFi, we all like to leave feeling nothing short of satisfied.

When you consider that, according to a study by Exterion Media, 73% of Londoners choose their holiday accommodation based on whether it has WiFi, it stands to reason that key players in the hospitality sector are taking strides towards a strong, consistent wireless connection. Can you say the same for your establishment, though?

The fact is, if your hotel, bar or restaurant guests can’t get a good WiFi connection, they may not return.

Here are a few more reasons you should consider boosted connectivity:

  • Your customers can advertise your venue on your behalf; better WiFi means they’re more likely to shout about your establishment
  • You can run advertising promos straight from your hotspot, rewarding visitors with offers to ensure they return
  • You can ask your clients to complete a survey to gain an insight into their experience, therefore giving you the opportunity to respond to their feedback
  • You can integrate your WiFi with social media channels, meaning an evening bigger return on investment.

In the case of the latter, you can make use of the data analytics you gather about your customers to improve your offering and promote relevant services. You can even schedule the delivery of your key marketing messages to ensure your customers are targeted at the right time.

By installing and maintaining efficient communication systems for you, we can help you give your guests the experience they deserve.

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