If your venue – be it a restaurant, bar, hotel or stadium – is gearing up to host a festive party or event, you’ll want to ensure it’s a hit with attendees. That’s a given.

But why not guarantee footfall later down the line, too? You can, thanks to Smart WiFi, which cleverly yet subtly targets guests based on their past behaviours, purchases, and other factors. If, for instance, you manage or own a national chain of bars, Smart WiFi can effectively ‘follow’ customers to ensure they receive a more tailored experience when they next visit one of your venues.

Increased Bookings and Boosted Revenue

By monitoring how and where they spend their time – be it in your venue’s bar or restaurant – you can personalise your communications to ensure you both get the most from their visit.  So, when hospitality companies dynamically optimise pricing packages and deals to put the right offer in

front of the right customer at the right time, they can enjoy increased bookings and boosted revenue.

Such targeted promotions are, of course, most effective over the Christmas period, when the office party means more footfall for you. Any given location may welcome clients from several UK locations, but while they may return to their hometown following an event, real-time analytics can be useful to help entice them with convenient offers when they visit their local branch.

After all, when free WiFi is in the offing, your customers or event attendees will stay longer, ensuring a better evening for them and healthier sales for you.

Personalise Offers to Your Customer’s Unique Interests

Of course, it isn’t simply about improving footfall for you. It’s also about ensuring your customers leave with a smile on their face, having had a great time at your bar or restaurant. Free WiFi helps hugely, as does the offer of a cheaper meal or even a free drink – all of which encourage people to visit a second venue in your chain.

It’s all made possible by tracking your current and potential customer’s journey through our location targeting feature. It comes with analytics and allows you to deliver convenient content which complements their location.

The Right Solution for You

We’d love to become your partner of choice – and it’s vital we ensure your event is a huge success and a great experience. Thinking outside of the box to ensure your customers benefit from fast WiFi and targeted promotions, we deliver more value for less.

With over 20 years’ experience and an extensive portfolio featuring a variety of options – all of which tie in with a great customer service ethos – we’ll ensure your event is a success from start to finish. Whether you’d like to create a memorable evening for regular customers or ensure visiting guests will consider your chain when they’re planning their own get-togethers, Smart WiFi provides the perfect solution.

Want to discover how Smart WiFi from Rock MS can take your event up a notch? Simply get in touch with the Rock MS team today and we’ll be happy to tell you more.